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aishatu abubakar baju

The aroma of her presence as she steps into an arena exudes an idol of great worth. From a humble background, AIGP Dr Aishatu Abubakar’s parents ability to foresee the brilliant future that characterized their daughter’s destiny, invested in her education at a time when the girl-child education was a taboo in the North-Eastern Region of Nigeria. She completed her primary, secondary, and tertiary education with impressive grades and bagged the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from the eminent Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and Kaduna State-Nigeria
She was enlisted as a cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) into the Nigeria Police Force NPF. AIGP Dr Aishatu Abubakar Baju joined the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) in September 1995. Thus began her swift and steady rise in her chosen law enforcement and veterinary professions simultaneously.
AIGP Dr Aishatu Abubakar’s passion for excellence in her chosen career catalysed her interest in pursuing a PhD from the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom where she worked on the Molecular Epidemiology of Bovine and Human Tuberculosis. Her curiosity and ability to think-outside-the-box caused her PhD study proposal to be selected alongside 14 other women, for a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) scholarship award for Global Young Women in Science 2005.
Similarly, by dint of hard work and indefatigability, she has trodden where even angels dread in the law enforcement terrain. With a compendium of trailblazing accomplishments in her honour, like the establishment of the first ever state-of-the-art State House Veterinary Clinic in Aso Villa-Abuja, the first female AIGP to head the Force Animal Branch (FAB) in the history of NPF and the successful establishment of an ultra-modern Police Dog breeding centre in Abuja, first of its kind in the entire West African region. The mobilization of women police to form cooperative societies with a view to accessing soft loans to engage in pre-retirement farming activities. Empowerment of 15 women (wives of police officers) with soft loans to start small-scale businesses in order to support their husbands financially. Organizing girl-child

education awareness campaigns in Adamawa and Taraba States with a view to encouraging greater female enlistment into the Nigeria Police Force in view of the present low number of women police from the North in the country Advocacy for women police postings to responsibilities hitherto considered "impossible" for women in the NPF. Mentorship and coaching programs to junior female and male police officers both within and without her supervision.
As a very hard working and experience Officer, she possesses vast technical-know- how, innovative, professional and versatile experience in her area of expertise and possesses real qualities in management and administration, experience in working with women, children, and vulnerable adults. Her creativity has improved and repositioned the Nigeria Police Force in the adoption of global best practice measures to engage and deploy police dogs and horses in crime and criminality management. AIGP Dr Aishatu Abubakar Baju envisions professional, exemplary women who impact families and communities through mentorship and empowerment. She is a reputable team player and advocate of gender parity. She has obtained a lot of awards locally and internationally.