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dr. elvis l. abuyere

Dr. Elvis L. Abuyere, GMD/CEO, Skyewise Group is a Nigerian-driven entrepreneur with over 15years of professional experience in banking and business management. His career spans from Skyebank PLC to First Bank PLC where he managed and achieved several business results, including, yet not limited to Finance and Accounts, Marketing and Procurement Unit, and Human Resource Management. 
He is a self-motivated and goal-oriented individual who responds to any challenges life throws at him. He uses an analytical style of negotiation, combined with positive thinking to generate effective solutions.
He holds PhD from Escae University in Banking and Business Management. He’s also a member of the Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance, (USA).
His quest for success has been a major driving force that has motivated him to pursue greener pastures in entrepreneurship, strategic management, and business development. He established the Skyewise Group companies and has other businesses within Nigeria. He has received several awards in humanitarian service and won a deserving award in the category of Excellence in Business Management from Africa Value Awards, in July, 2021. 

His company has become one of the leading automobile company and Financial Services Company in Nigeria that has become standard for building sustainable investment platform and giving value over money on the automobile industry in Nigeria and beyond. 

Rising from the slum of Ikorodu to the shining side of Abuja. Dr. Elvis  has defied the narrative of his background by being armed with just one thing - his vision of converting any obstacle of life into a profitable venture made him to writer his first book. Title; Run With The Challenges of Life

His quest for success and integrity gave his company the best investment and automobile brand of the year 2022. 

He has established a foundation to harness and enhance the vibrant Nigerian youths to be self reliant in the 21st century by conducting monthly, quarterly and annual entrepreneurship training. He has been able to empowered over 1000 young people in abuja and within nigeria.