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josephine nwaeze

Lady Josephine Nwaeze FNSE, MD/CEO News Engineering Nigeria Limited, is a true business maverick who defied the sceptics and led a male-dominated industry, making her company a resounding success over the years.

Lady Josephine was named Chief Executive after her husband, Sir Ojimadu Nwaeze, died in the 2006 ADC plane crash and was followed by her son, Ugo some years later.

Her consistency, resilient hope, and trust in God made her overcome the adversity and take leadership of the company.
Although established in 1983 as a domestic electrical installation company, News Engineering was said to be at the forefront in the installation of renewable energy in the six geo-political zones in Nigeria since 2015.
Nwaeze, a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, stated these at the closing ceremony of the national leadership conference organised by GOTNI Leadership Centre in Abuja.

In 2006, Nwaeze’s husband, Sir Ojimadu Nwaeze, perished in the ADC plane crash, leaving her to take the reins of the company. Years later, her son Ugo, whom she had been grooming to be an engineer, also passed away.
Despite the immense grief and hardships, Nwaeze persevered, finding solace in her faith and focusing on her responsibilities as a leader.
Lady Nwaeze recalled her difficult journey, stating, “I call myself an emergency leader because the position I am occupying now I wasn’t prepared for it.”
During this challenging time, she emphasized the importance of consistency, hope, and a positive mindset for anyone in a leadership role.

Lady Josephine studied Language Arts as her first degree then bachelor’s degree in Law and a master degree in Law and a Masters in Business in business administration from ABU Zaria, and she just rounded up her PhD program