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linus okorie

Linus Okorie is an esteemed leadership development coach and human capital development consultant. For over 20 years, Linus has been known as a relentless icon in the quest for good leadership in public and corporate governance in Nigeria. His vast experience in leadership coaching, mentoring, and advocacy across the world for over two decades has distinguished him as a trusted name in leadership excellence.

He is the Founder and President, Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI), a leadership development non-profit organization, which has developed 15 leadership brands to train and nurture youths, elected officials and the general public on effective leadership skills and values. Consistently, Linus Okorie has carved a niche as an authority in leadership development with a career development path defined by the principles of selfless service, dignity, and integrity.

With his extensive knowledge and unique perspective in leadership, Linus Okorie has graced many live conferences, radio, and television platforms across Africa, Middle East, Europe, and the USA as guest speaker, trainer, and advisor. He brings over 20 years of experience to the stage and has a talent for making complex ideas easy to understand and relatable.
Through his words and enviable style of presentation, Linus Okorie has inspired over 500,000 people across Nigeria and Africa who have directly gone through his leadership programmes or attended his guest speaking sessions, and millions through radio and television.
He is a radio and television presenter and host of Leadership Clinic on AIT, a revolutionary leadership program that changes the way you think about leadership.

Beyond his formidable knowledge of leadership, Linus Okorie is a highly-experienced and reputable leadership coach with a deep understanding of the latest leadership theories and practices and is able to tailor his coaching approach to the unique needs and goals of each client.
Whether working with C-level executives, high-potential managers, or emerging leaders, Linus Okorie coaches his clients to develop the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to drive their organizations and teams to success. He is admired for his ability to create a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their leadership challenges and opportunities and for his ability to ask specific questions that lead to meaningful insights and action.

As a mentor, Linus Okorie has mentored over 500 emerging leaders through his ‘Linus Okorie Mentorship Program’. An offshoot of his mentorship program, Leadership Masterclass, worth ₦500,000 per participant has gone ahead to host 9 cohorts of 40 people each sponsored by Linus Okorie.