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dr. nabhit kapur

Dr. Nabhit Kapur is a crusader of mental health and multilateral diplomacy who advocates for global mental health and wellbeing . Working on the agenda of well-being diplomacy witj special focus on Africa he has served in various organisations and governments in different capacities in Africa. Dr Nabhit Kapur currently is the head of department of Mental Health (SDG3) of the world
fund for development and planning (IGO). His main professional interests include mental health advocacy, well-being diplomacy, international affairs, diplomacy and global peace.
He is the founder and president of Peacfulmind Foundation and World leaders for mental with core
objective to heighten up the scale of mental wellbeing all over the world. According to him mental and psycho-social well-being demands and deserves attention and robust initiatives. As a tireless advocate for well-being diplomacy and change maker, he has distinguished himself by his compassion, persistence, devoted advocacy and awareness raising about the importance of mental health in policy making focused both on micro and macro levels, particularly in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Nabhit is working passionately to bring about a considerable change in way mental health and wellbeing is perceived today hosting policy makers globally on the platform of world leaders for mental. Rooted by his nature to serve, he has provided the said missions with invaluable assistance in areas such as collaborations, humanitarian assistance, education, peacebuilding etc. He is committed to selflessly serving the communities, especially the vulnerable ones in the context of making mental health a household name.

During the time period of March and May 2020, Nabhit Kapur successfully trained approximately 154
Volunteers across Africa who were named PMF COVID-19 envoys. The areas of their focus were to reach out to people digitally who need help, post motivational quotes, psychological wellbeing help tips, etc. During the second wave of Covid-19 in 2021; since April, PMF under the leadership of Dr. Nabhit Kapur entailed free counseling sessions for more than 1500 people.

In 2021 when Afghanistan was in dire straits he chose not to become a mere spectator instead believed in taking initiative for the improvement. After coming across the whole scenario, he called the people who were from Afghanistan and are residing in India all alone and gave them the assurance that they.